Why (And How) You Should Practice Self-Compassion

You know how to take care of a dear friend or family member whenever they need some guidance, reassurance, or encouragement, but do you know how to give yourself the same kind of care? Unfortunately, many of us are just not too good at practicing self-compassion and loving ourselves. Self-esteem is something that is very fragile, and once it is lowered in any manner, it is incredibly hard to raise it back up to a healthy level.

If you find yourself struggling to provide the same amount of care and compassion that you do to friends, family, and maybe even strangers, you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your struggle, and that there are ways to improve this aspect of your mental health.

Despite how difficult it may be to learn how to be compassionate towards oneself, it is absolutely crucial to do so, not only to improve overall quality of life, but also to actually promote better physical and mental health and well being. I recently came across an informative article by Huffington Post Health that provides some important insight into the significance of practicing self love and compassion, and I would be glad to share what I learned from the article here with you, especially since I found it to be so beneficial in my own life. 

The truth is that accepting yourself for who you are, rather than constantly comparing yourself to your neighbors, friends, and coworkers, is one of the major components to living a happy life. When you stop trying to live up to other expectations, you will find that your stress levels plummet, and that the little things in life will give you more pleasure than before. Throwing out a compliment to others is a great way to receive one in return; when this happens, don’t brush the compliment aside, but take it to heart and realize that it is one great quality about you that makes you unique and important. 

Interestingly enough, being compassionate towards ourselves may actually provide the motivation that is needed to complete some of our biggest health goals. If you are trying to lose weight or quit smoking, it can be tempting to bash yourself every time you experience a setback along the way, but it is much better for your overall well being if you choose to focus on the things that you are doing right.

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