Who Can Benefit From Yoga?

If you’re a yoga addict, thyogaen you are probably already aware of all the fabulous health benefits that yoga has to offer.  Yoga is a great practice that stretches out your body and gives you time to center yourself and relax.  It is great after a long day, and you can just wash away all the stress from work or all the tasks you have at home.  Yoga centers the body, but did you know that it can actually help the mind too?  Yoga and meditation can offer an array of benefits for all sorts of people.

Recent studies are showing that yoga can actually improve cognitive function.  Not only is it good for stretching out the body, but it also exercises the brain too.  Yoga has been shown to help out an array of different types of people.  That means that nearly anyone can benefit from yoga.  If you haven’t tried out a yoga class yet, you may be missing out all the benefits that yoga can offer.

Check out the following people that can benefit from regular yoga:


The University of Rochester Medical Center found that yoga helped doctors improve their cognitive function.  According to this study, mindfulness meditation helped doctors be more attentive.  Those who practiced yoga listened more thoroughly and were less judgmental at work and at home.  For any person in a high-stress career, yoga can be great for brain function and relaxation.

Senior Citizens

As we age, many of our brain functions diminish.  Mindfulness meditation can help to improve cognitive function.  Practicing yoga can also help decrease feelings of loneliness that can often times plague the elderly.  According to a recent study, senior citizens who regularly practiced yoga had less feelings of loneliness and even a decrease in inflammation.


One prison in Reno, Nevada is offering yoga classes for its female prisoners who earn the privilege.  As part of the Alternatives to Incarceration Unit’s Women’s Empowerment Movement, volunteers offer yoga classes twice a month.  This program is hoping to decrease stress and anger issues of the women prisoners.


Shaping the youth of the country can be quite a thankless task for teachers.  Meditation and yoga helped to relieve the stress of teachers according to a study performed by the University of California at San Francisco.  This study found that after eight weeks of meditation, the teachers had less anxiety and depression.

Stroke Survivors

According to a recent study, yoga helped to improve balance and coordination in stroke survivors.  This helps to reduce the risk of falls and imbalance that can plague many survivors of strokes.  Yoga helped to improve the activities of daily living for those who had experienced a stroke.

These are just a few of the many types of people who can benefit from yoga and meditation.  In fact, nearly everyone can enjoy all the benefits that yoga and meditation have to offer.  If you haven’t been to a yoga class yet, don’t miss out on all the great health benefits.



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