Wellness Tips To Improve An Introvert’s Mental Health

From one introvert to another, I can say with confidence that sometimes the world can get pretty exhausting emotionally for those of us who aren’t born to be extroverts. Too often, we’re told to “loosen up” or be “less shy,” as if this is helpful advice at all. While it’s easy to feel embarrassed for being an introvert, it’s honestly not the death sentence that society can sometimes make it out to be.

There are more than a few qualities about introverts that make being a little less outgoing something that’s positive for a person’s overall health and wellness. These traits are best taken advantage of once you are able to identify your own personal needs as an introvert. Once you become more comfortable with yourself, you can begin to thrive in the world without ever letting yourself get too depleted or overwhelmed by life’s natural stressors. 

What Adds, What Subracts Energy

While introverts can often take comfort in relating to one another, there are different types of introversion that land on a very broad spectrum. Rather than assuming what your personality is like based on any other introverts you know, take the time to really get to know yourself. You may find it helpful to write a journal about what activities seem to stress you out or recharge you.

Some introverts find that spending too much time in crowded spaces can deplete their energy very quickly, while others may find decision-making to be a very tiring and overstimulating experience. Once you identify what strains you, explore what makes you feel calm as well.

Many introverts thrive off of spending time alone, so you may benefit from designating a minimum amount of alone time out of every day. Engaging in a solitary artistic craft, such as writing or painting, may also help soothe you. 

Make A Safe Place For Yourself

When the world gets to be too overwhelming, an introvert’s best friend is her or his so-called “happy place,” or oasis. Whether it’s a little reading nook in your house, an outdoor patio, or another quiet place altogether, finding a safe haven to help you recharge and recoup from the world is a great way to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others as well.

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