Watch Out For These Physical Problems Caused By Stress

Stress is so horrible for the body. It can really have a truly horrible impact on both your physical and mental health and overall well being. I myself am no stranger to stress and anxiety, and honestly, just thinking about how stressful stress can be is enough to make me feel stressed. Seriously! File it under kind of funny, but mostly true.

Anyway, I’ve known for a while now that stress can have some unpleasant physical symptoms that are attached to it. Headaches, stomach cramps, and heartburn are some of the more classic and common signs that your body is negatively reacting to the stress you are currently feeling. However, I recently found out in an article by Care 2 that stress can also be the cause of some more serious and lasting physical issues as well. Ifyou think you’re overly stressed, be sure to take steps to relax, since you don’t want to end up with one of these issues as well.

The most shocking thing I read in this article was that there is apparently a connection between levels of stress in the body and overall dental health. Yes, your anxiety can impact your teeth, out of all places. Stress often leads to an increase in dry gums and painful canker sores. What’s more is that people who are chronically stressed out actually tend to forego taking care of their oral health, since they are usually too focused on dealing with their anxiety instead. An overabundance of stress can also explain why you are producing so much more sweat than you used to. Stress can make the heart beat faster, which can in turn lead to an increase in sweat production in the body.

In case this article wasn’t cheerful enough, here’s one more way that stress can be negatively impacting you – your skin. Yep, your adult acne can be the sign of too much stress going on in your life. Rosacea and psoriasis can also eventually develop as a result of high anxiety, and you definitely don’t want to be dealing with those conditions if you can help it. So what can you do? Starting up a regular fitness routine, especially one that has yoga and meditation in it, can really truly do wonders to increase your ability to cope with stress. Drinking plenty of water is also important for maintaining your ability to stay level headed, as is getting enough sleep, since lack of sleep and dehydration are known to cause mood levels to plummet.


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