Use Your Smart Phone To Make You Happier


Our smart phones are often talked down to in our society. They’re said to be robbing us of happiness and causing us to be disconnected to those we love. But our smart phones have the ability to make us happy. Why do you think so many of us have them? Check out the following helpful ways we can use smart phones to make us happier.

1. Use It To Call A Loved One

One of my favorite things to do is call my loved ones up on the phone and discuss our lives. This is especially helpful to the ones who live far away. It’s important to call and not text because texting can often shortchange us out of the best relationships possible. When we’re on the phone, we can hear the inflections in our loved ones’ voices, we can hear the pauses, the octaves, the laughter – all helping to bring our bond closer.

2. Use It To FaceTime

FaceTime can be even better than speaking over the phone because we are able to add visual connectivity. Research has found that humans need social relationships in order to be happy, so FaceTime is a way to make those relationships even stronger. Although seeing a friend in person is the most powerful way to form a bond, FaceTime can come in a close second place.

3. Download Helpful Apps

Apps can actually improve the quality of your life. You read that right – they can improve your life! Apps such as Embark and Google Maps can help you to de-stress on your commute and even help you to get better sleep. These are apps that give you clear directions to locations and tell you when there is an accident that you can avoid. MetroNap is a terrific app for those commuting on trains. It wakes you up when you get to your stop, which is helpful for those of us who like to sleep, read, or talk on the phone when we’re on a train. The app Yelp can be great for finding a spot to spend time with people you love. OpenTable is an app that helps you to find great restaurants in your area and make reservations in a jiffy.


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