Use These Natural Anti-Itch Treatments For Mosquito Bites

Nothing puts a damper on your vacation or outdoor adventure quite like a mosquito bite can. I don’t know about you, but I have found that I never get just one mosquito bite. I usually end up finding myself scratching different areas of my body, each with their own little cluster of inflamed and swollen bite marks.

Of course, this itching and inflammation are signs that your body is actually healing from the initial bug bite, but that knowledge doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to stop yourself from going crazy with scratching. Thankfully, I recently read a great article by Care 2, that offers up some excellent suggestions on how to naturally treat and even heal mosquito bites without the aid of expensive creams or allergy pills that may come with side effects. 

I have heard about using toothpaste as a remedy for mosquito bites, but I always thought that it was just an old wive’s tale until I read this article. As it turns out, as long as the toothpaste has baking soda and menthol (most brands do, but it doesn’t hurt to check), it will be able to stop the itching at least for a few hours. Aloe vera makes for a great substitute for this if you don’t want to have white smudges and smears possibly getting on your clothes or sheets. 

One of the more interesting quick fixes I learned about from reading this article doesn’t even involve any outside products at all. Many people swear by one simple trick in order to relieve their itching: use the fingernail on your thumb to indent an ‘X’ shape exactly on top of the bite. However, the relief it provides will only last until the mark fades away, so it really is best for a situation where you can’t get to a more effective remedy right away. 

If you don’t have Witch Hazel in your pantry already, you may want to consider adding it to your next grocery list. Witch Hazel has a ton of uses and health benefits, including anti-itch relief. Apply a small amount with a cotton ball or a rag for soothing relief. Witch Hazel may also have the ability to prevent your bite from becoming infected, since it has antiseptic properties. One more very quick and simple remedy is to simply take a block of ice from your freezer and rub it over the bite to numb the discomfort. 

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