Unhealthy Workplaces Equal Under-Productive Workplaces

Want to boost your employees’ overall productivity levels? Try sending them to the gym. No, really. It may be tempting to have your employees work for an extra hour or during the weekend, but the best way to increase productivity levels is to increase employee health levels.

In 2010, obese workers cost the US over $73 billion in lost productivity, all due to poor health. While each individual is likely aware of the health problems that come with being overweight, such as increased risk for diabetes, heart issues and cancer, they may not understand the other consequences that accompany obese workers.

Extra weight will drain your energy and make you feel as though you are exhausted. Additionally, when you do not take time to exercise, you are much more likely to become sick, which means more time away from work and a less productive workplace. Unhealthy workers are also more prone to suffer work-related injuries, which can end up costing the company a lot of money.

However, the fault for this problem does not lie completely with the workers. As the boss or manager, you cannot just command your employees to lose a few pounds. Working over 50 hours a week does not leave much time to go to the gym. Additionally, these memberships are usually not cheap. Sitting at a desk cannot be avoided when that is where the work is, however there are steps that you, as an employer, can take to beat this trend and achieve a healthy and productive workforce.

To create an office environment that is healthier, it is important to implement the change at a group level. This should not be something that is only targeted to one or two individuals. The fact is that the failure or success of the effort will depend on the overall productivity of your entire team. You can begin your efforts with a wellness program, which will encourage your employees to become more active. This will encourage healthy behaviors such as exercising, eating right and quitting bad habits, such as smoking, with incentives. The incentives are left to your discretion, however, paying for incentives for good health habits can save you money in the long run.

You should also implement sources of preventative education and care for employees. Have free health screenings and evaluations that can help your workers learn how to live a healthy and active live and the benefits that this lifestyle has to offer. Chances are once they learn about this, and see the incentive, whether it is with additional money, gift cards or time off, they will be willing to participate.

Another benefit is that the workers will see you care about their health and well-being, which will further increase morale and create a more productive and happier workplace that is no longer negatively affecting the bottom line of your business.


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