Underweight? These Are The Foods To Start Eating

I know the topic of this post may seem strange to many of you. After all, we’re constantly being reminded by our healthcare providers, and even the news and media, that we are currently living in a society that’s plagued with rising rates of obesity.

Many Americans are overweight, and the numbers aren’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Even though the term “unhealthy weight” tends to make us think of needing to cut back on pounds, it actually is possible to be underweight as well. Just to clarify, being underweight does not necessarily equate to having anorexia or bulimia – those are diseases and disorders that are independent from just being underweight. I should certainly know – I’ve been classified as underweight for most of my life, and I do struggle to pack on the pounds.

While this problem may not be as common for others, it is important to talk about. I’d like to share some of the foods I’ve learned to incorporate into my diet with you guys, in case you or someone you know struggles with being underweight as well. Just to be clear – there are healthy ways to pack on pounds, as I learned from articles such as this one by Greatist. Don’t start gorging yourself on chips and cookies – add these snacks and meals to your grocery list instead.

Plan your meals so that they have a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. An ideal dish for Skinny Minnie’s like myself? Salmon as the main dish, and mashed potatoes or eggs on the side. Snack on fatty foods such as avocado, almonds, and walnuts to really get the most from your food. If your problem, like mine, is that you get full really quickly, there is a way around this! Eat condensed versions of foods with a high calorie content. For example, trade out fresh grapes for a pack of raisins, or mango slices instead of a whole mango.

A healthy eating strategy I’ve developed is eating small meals throughout the day, rather than focusing on two or three big dishes. Since I do tend to get full rather quickly, being faced with a plate that’s overflowing with food can be too much for my stomach to bear in all honesty. Space out your meals and snack often, and you should hopefully start seeing positive weight gain as a result. It may take time, so be patient with yourself and your progress!

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