Tips To Make Meditation Easier

Meditation has long been recommended by health professionals as a great way to improve many aspects of a person’s health. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, relieve depression, and even improve a person’s sleep patterns and habits, which in and of itself can enhance many other aspects of health and wellness.

For all the health benefits meditation can bring, it can be embarrassing or frustrating to admit that it can be a difficult to find the time and effort to put this habit to use on a daily basis. It may be ironic when you consider just how complicated it can be to fit meditation, a habit rooted in the art of simplicity and stillness, into your hectic schedule.

Fortunately, there are ways to make meditation a bit easier so you can successfully grow from it and reap its health benefits while accommodating your unique needs, health issues, and schedule.

Meditation is designed to be practiced on a daily basis, so here are some great ways to keep it in your life every day without having it feel like it’s taking over your life.

You’re Too Restless

Believe me, I get this. If you’re the type of person who gets anxious and concerned if you’re not being productive, spending just a few minutes trying to practice meditation can leave you feeling unproductive and even lazy, worried about all the things you could be getting done in place of meditation. The first thing to remember is practicing meditation is achieving an important task — it’s improving your health. Try to look at meditation as less of a timeout from your day, and more as an important task that needs to get done so you can continue to be even more productive as the day goes on. 

You may want to consider practicing a mindfulness meditation technique as you perform a relatively simple task, such as getting dressed, showering, or washing the dishes. As you complete these chores, allow yourself to notice the different sensations you are experiencing. This can help improve your sense of groundedness and focus. 

Not Enough Time

Many people are led to the false belief that meditation needs to be practiced 20-30 minutes each day. Unsurprisingly, this can turn many people away from the habit. In truth, you only need meditate for as little as five minutes to benefit from it. This can happen as you wake up in the morning, during your lunch break at work, or as you wind down before bed. You can also break up your time so you meditate for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening each day, if you find that to be easier.

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