Tips to Help Change Your Mindset for Better Health

The brain is a powerful thing. It’s allowed us to create all kinds of useful inventions, philosophize to our heart’s content, and propel ourselves to the moon. Given how much it’s accommplished for us, it shouldn’t be surprising that the mind is so powerful that it can have a strong impact on our overall health and well-being, too. A person’s mindset and world view can make a huge difference in how we get through life and how we handle the curveballs it may throw at us. Numerous studies have shown a correlation between people with negative viewpoints and poor physical and mental health. Alternatively, there has also been proof pointing toward a link between positive thinking habits and improved health and wellness. The key is to slowly and subtly change the messages you tell yourself on an everyday basis so you begin to have the power to change your environment for the better.

Turn Negatives Into Learning Experiences

When you (inevitably) make a mistake, at work or with a friend, it’s easy and tempting to tell yourself it’s because you’re unintelligent or just not good enough. This incredibly harsh language only serves to unfairly punish you, which isn’t productive in the long run. Embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth and education is a much healthier and kinder way to move through the world. Mistakes aren’t optional, but beating yourself up mercilessly is.

Get Over Jealousy

Look, I totally get it. Sometimes, it gets downright annoying having to congratulate a coworker of yours for their engagement, promotion, book publishing, what have you. Instead of sitting down and crossing your arms over it, try to figure out what they did to reach such success so you can emulate it. Once again, taking this potentially negative experience and turning it into a learning opportunity can vastly improve your sense of well-being in the long run. 

It may sound like some New Age-y weirdness, but I know it has worked for me. The only thing you can change is the way you move through the world, and doing this guarantees a boost to your health and wellness. People who consider themselves to be mostly optimistic and positive tend to benefit from experiencing less stress and anxiety. They also have a lower risk for developing serious illnesses such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and even obesity. 

Dizzy by Matthias Ripp is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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