The Future of Lone Tree is Big and Bright

User Name: Neubie, Real Name: David Neubert, Location: Berkshire County and New York City, USA, License: AttributionCCAbout 11,000 people live in Lone Tree, but believe it or not, that’s only about a quarter of the potential that Lone Tree has for growth. And the first full time business development coordinator, Tory Brazitis, is excited to lead the way to that growth.  

“Lone tree is really a location of choice, both nationally and in the metro area,” said Brazitis, who joined the Lone Tree city staff in April. “We have so many great opportunities and a variety of feathers in our cap we’ve gotten recently that really attract attention.”

Brazitis presented a plan to the city council in early December for the development of the 4 square miles east of I-25. Most of the developed land in Lone Tree is currently west of I-25. Lone Tree will be home to a projected 40,000 people once the development is completed.

Brazitis is continuing in the same vein as her predecessor, City Manager Seth Hoffman, who negotiated with Charles Schwab and Cabela’s to open locations in Lone Tree. It was efforts like those ones that led to Hoffman’s promotion to lead city official in 2012.

“When companies like Charles Schwab or Cabela’s choose to join a community, it’s a sign to other businesses this is a good place to locate,” Brazitis said.

And while attracting new businesses to the area will create new jobs and economic growth, Brazitis knows they’re not the whole picture. Her plan also includes a strong focus on helping to grow businesses that are already in the Lone Tree area, encouraging small businesses and entrepreneurs, developing better public transit and also staying connected with the citizens of Lone Treethrough social media.

The first item on her to-do list in 2014 is to push forward with the completion of the light rail line’s southeast extension from Lincoln Avenue to RidgeGate Parkway. 

Brazitis’ excitement about the city’s future is clear. “We are always working toward continuous improvement, always giving a little bit better service.”


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