The Downside of Buying Almond Milk

While I am not someone who is considered to be lactose intolerant, I have in recent months discovered that I prefer almond milk for a variety of reasons. Not only does my digestive system seem to process almond milk better, but I also have grown to like the taste more, along with the fact that its texture and consistency is smoother, milder, and lighter.

I have to admit that I am not exactly a crafty homemaker type of person, so I have been buying my almond milk at the grocery store whenever I need it (which is often, these days). Since I am such a recent yet die hard fan of almond milk, I was definitely taken aback and more than a bit surprised to start reading a few articles that listed the negative aspects of buying almond milk in stores. There was an article post by Care 2 in particular that really gave me a lot of insight into the problems that store bought almond milk can provide for customers. 

One of the most surprising facts I learned about store bought almond milk is that there are actually a shockingly low amount of almonds in the final product. More often than not, a half gallon of almond milk tends to contain no more than a handful of real almonds at most. Another surprising fact I learned about store bought almond milk is that many brands tend to add tapioca starch to the product. Tapioca starch is often used as a thickening agent in many recipes, but it is unfortunately absolutely loaded with added sugar, which makes it a problem for anyone looking to cut back on their sugar intake.

Look at the ingredients list of your preferred brand of almond milk to see if tapioca starch has been added. Finally, one of the most unfortunate realizations about processed almond milk lies in the fact that it often contains very little nutritional value. Even though pure almonds are high in healthy fats and protein, almond milk has diluted most of these health benefits from the finished product.

This is why I am starting to seriously consider making my own almond milk at home, by using raw almonds that are unbleached (I didn’t even know that almonds could be bleached, but apparently they often are). If you want to move away from processed foods and get the most health benefits from almond milk that you can, I would suggest looking up a recipe for homemade almond milk.

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