The Best Way To Write A Resume For Your Dream Job

If you’re dreaming of landing a great new job, you’re going to want to know the best ways to present your resume. There are many quick and easy tactics you can apply to it for an even better chance of getting the hiring manager’s attention. Using the following tips can bring you confidence because it is helping you to put your best foot forward.


1. Presentation Matters

Just  as you would prepare yourself to look your best for a first date with someone you’re interested in, you need to do the same with your resume. Make sure that it is clean and professional. Leslie Berner, author of Resumes Have Rules? says that you should view your resume as a road map that recruiters are using to navigate themselves to the proper applicant. So stop thinking in terms of just templates and formatting.

2. Know That It’s About The Hiring Manager Just As Much As It Is About You

Although your resume is supposed to be a detailed look into your job experience, it also needs to be about the person reading it. So research the background of the company you’re applying for and what skills and abilities the position is calling for. List the strengths and skills you have to offer that coincide with what the job calls for. Play these qualities up for the specific hiring manager.

3. Go Into Detail About Your Job Experience

A resume will consist of many “what’s,” but it should also have some “whys” in it. For example, if you’ve been employed at the same company for 10 years, list the innovation that the company provides and include any promotions that you’ve received there. Give each of your positions its own line under the company’s name. Promotions highlight good work ethic, initiative and that the company acknowledged your talents. Illustrate how the company was exciting enough to make you stay with it for so long.


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