Surprising Health Benefits Of Onions

I have always loved using onions in my favorite dishes in order to really enhance the flavor and provide a satisfying taste to many different types of meals. Onions go well in a wide variety of dishes, from omelettes to salads to casseroles, and they always provide a nice texture and flavor. In fact, when I first started cooking regularly, one of the ingredients I relied on most was red or yellow onions. I always knew they were somewhat healthy (or at least that they weren’t unhealthy) but finding out about their many health benefits over the years has been a great treat in and of itself.

Still, even though I thought I knew all about the many health benefits that onions can provide, I am still learning about new aspects of this amazingly healthy food. For instance, I recently came across an artilce post by Care 2 that provides some fascinating new insights (at least, new to me) about some of the more surprising and unusual ways that you can use onions in order to better improve your overall health in a variety of ways. Here is what I learned from the article.

You may know that garlic is great for improving the immune system, but for anyone who doesn’t care for the strong taste of garlic in their dishes, they can always count on onions for the same benefits to their immunity. That is due to the phytochemicals in onions that improve the functions of vitamin C in the body. Onions can also naturally reduce inflammation, which can bring about natural pain relief and relief from infections and illnesses as well.

If you have issues when it comes to regulating your blood sugar, you may want to start adding more onions into your diet, since it turns out that the nutrient known as chromium, which is found in abundance in many different types of onions, has been scientifically shown to help regulate the levels of blood sugar in a person’s body, making it a great low glycemic index option. If you like adding raw onions to your salads or burgers, you will be getting a good boost in healthy cholesterol levels which can protect your heart health. 

Interestingly enough, you can even also use onions on the exterior of your body for a unique health benefit. If you ever get bitten by a bee, try onion juice to the affected area for relief from the pain, swelling, and burning.

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