Simple Ways to Relax and Calm Down

relaxDo you find yourself rushing all of the time?  We’ve all been there.  But hurrying too much can lead to stress and anxiety.  Life is busy, especially if you’re a parent.  But it’s best to try to calm down and enjoy the moment.  This way you can teach your children to take life at a slow pace so that they can be happy and healthy.

Slow Down

I find that when I’m relaxed and not freaking out about something, I’m a lot more productive.  When I calm myself, I have time to think and be as effective a possible.  I try to tell myself to “breathe,” and “calm down” daily. This helps me to enjoy life.  A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not in a life or death situation, then it’s best to slow down.

Don’t Multi-Task

Although some of us may think we’re good at it, multi-tasking is ineffective because we are giving half as much energy to a task than we should be.  Not only is it ineffective but it’s making us anxious and forcing our bodies to work overtime.  

Set Your Alarm

It can be so difficult to wake up on time for things.  But when you press the snooze button, you are leaving less time in the morning to do the things that you need to get done which can make you anxious and frazzled.  I have to force myself to get out of bed in the morning even if I’m tired because I know that if I don’t then I will be late and have an extremely anxious car ride to wherever it is I need to be.

Listen to Relaxation CDs

Listening to relaxation CDs regularly can help train your brain to relax in tense situations.  Take care of yourself daily by being quiet before bedtime and meditating or listening to something slow and relaxing.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.  

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