What Can Meditation Do For You?

As someone who deals with abnormally high amounts of anxiety, I’ve been told more than once by doctors and friends alike that I should give meditation a try. I’d always thank them for the advice, but no matter how many times I heard it, I just wasn’t interested in putting in the effort to tame […]

Taking Care of Your Health While Traveling

Going on a trip is always stressful, even if it’s for a vacation. If you’re anything like me, you’re always worried that you’ve forgotten something. If you are like me, you probably have. You also have to worry about your travel arrangements, hotel fees, planning out your itineraries … the list goes on and on. […]

How to ‘Meal Prep’ the Right Way

You’ve made the decision to start eating healthier meals. You come up with all kinds of healthy and nutritious recipes for you to nourish your body throughout the week, excited about the positive changes that will surely be coming your way as a result. Then … the week comes and goes by in a flash, […]

Tips To Make Meditation Easier

Meditation has long been recommended by health professionals as a great way to improve many aspects of a person’s health. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, relieve depression, and even improve a person’s sleep patterns and habits, which in and of itself can enhance many other aspects of health and wellness. For all the […]