The Joint- Revitalizing the Field of Chiropractic Care

The Joint… The Chiropractic Place has grown from 12 locations in 2010 to over 180 nationwide. There are now 11 Joint locations and 22 franchised locations sold in Colorado. It is only a matter of time before The Joint’s affordable and practical model reaches a greater percent of Americans receiving chiropractic care. Check our article […]

The Seven-Minute Workout – Does it Work?

Raise your hand if you dread working out. If your hand is up, we have the solution for you. Exercise specialists have always boasted about the benefits of high impact workouts. In fact, high intensity workouts done in a short amount of time can reap more benefits than a longer running or biking workout. The […]

Chiropractic Treats Even the Furriest Backs

No one expects to walk into their doctor’s office and find a loud furry menagerie in the waiting room.  Although most medical facilities stick to treating either humans or animals, one chiropractor is building a record of success treating all patients, human or not, so long as they have a spine. Dr. Rod Block served as a […]