Managing Ear Infections in Kids and Adults with Chiropractic Care

"...I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown... Time for a checkup!

There are many children and adults that suffer from chronic ear infections. The good news is that a chiropractor can help. While there are many parents and individuals who do would not automatically turn to chiropractic care for these types of problems, recent studies have proven how effective the treatment method can actually be. In fact, chiropractic care can help both children and adults that suffer from ear infections. The quickness of the results will be dependent on the manner in which the chiropractor provides care and can be either cured with one quick trip, or a series of several trips to reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

A chiropractor’s ultimate goal is to provide alignment for the bones and nerves in the spine, which improves the overall wellness of the patient. In most cases, an ear infection is the result of a blockage in the Eustachian tube. When a chiropractor takes time to align the spine and neck, then the infections or fluids are unblocked, which will then allow the fluid to drain properly through the ear.

Children tend to get more ear infections because their Eustachian tubes are considered more parallel than the ones that adults have. This means that they are likely to experience more blockages, which will lead to more ear infections. Parents can work to combat these ear infections by things that are as simple as propping up the child’s head at night, not allowing bottle drinking while lying down, limiting sugar, which will reduce inflammation throughout the entire body, and being aware of the infection before it becomes severe.

There are many pediatricians who will willingly write an antibiotic prescription for an ear infection, however more and more have discontinued this process, with the support of chiropractors. This helps to reduce the use of antibiotics for problems that can be treated with other methods. Most ear infections are not bacterial, which are treatable by antibiotic. A virus, which is at the root of most ear infections, will not respond to antibiotics.

In many cases, a chiropractor can help more with situations of ear infections than a mainstream pediatrician can. They will feel the spine and neck to determine if any misalignments are present. If there are, the chiropractor will make appropriate adjustments in order to release the fluid which has caused the infection or that is retaining the virus or bacteria. This will allow the body to actually heal itself simply by clearing the blockage.

Instead of turning to antibiotics for yourself or your child in the case of an ear infection, try wellness adjustments. Many times an ear infection can return even after a round of antibiotics because the real problem isn’t fixed. A chiropractor can perform gentle wellness adjustments that allow the real problem of blocked Eustachian tubes to go away.

Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before taking any medical or health advice.


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