Instant Stress Relievers For Sudden Anxiety Flareups

All of us have experienced the discomfort associated with stress and anxiety at some point, but it affects people in different ways. Sometimes it is a gradual issue quietly building up under the surface until finally a person experiences one lass stressor that forces the anxiety to be released, usually in a less than healthy manner. Other times, anxiety can come seemingly out of nowhere and become extremely overwhelming to the person experiencing it.

Whatever the case, feeling anxious is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and that you need to check in with, and take care of, yourself for a little bit.

However easy it may seem in a moment without anxiety to remind yourself to simply “stay calm” during your next flareup of anxiety or panic attack, the sudden rush of stress may be too overpowering and may even debilitate you so that you have trouble moving past the anixety.

Fortunately, because this is a relatively common problem, there are many helpful tips and tricks out there that people have been able to successfully rely on to get through sudden anxiety attacks. These methods in particular have been shown to bring about instant relief that is effective and completely natural as well.


There are simple physical exercises you can do to quell a panic attack or high anxiety, as well as mind exercises. In terms of the physical, simply getting up and moving the body may be all you need to do to relieve stress. During times of high stress, adrenaline is being pumped into the body, which agitates you and causes you to want to move. If you remain sedentary during stress, the adrenaline will keep building but go nowhere, but it can be released through stretching, walking, and running. If you are fortunate to be near a close friend or loved one during a period of high anixety, giving them a hug can also really help calm your internal state as well. This may be due to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and occurs when you’re physically close to a loved one. The release of oxytocin is associated with feelings of optimism and stress relief. 

As for changing your mental state to lower stress, try practicing meditative thoughts and gratitude affirmations. Ground yourself by breathing deeply and asking yourself to be aware of the present moment. You can distract your mind from the discomfort of stress by listing things you are grateful for, such as a good job or caring friends and family.

By learning how to utilize these simple yet effective tools for combating anxiety, you can have the power to free yourself from a life tied down by constant stress and worry. 

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