How Your Attitude and Habits Affect Your Mental Health

I’ve been happy to notice that our society really seems to be stepping it up when it comes to bringing awareness to the importance of mental health care. When we think about healthy living, the majority of us tend to focus on our bodies and physical health, but the truth of the matter is that our mental well being is equally important, if not even more so. When I recently came across an article by Health that pointed out some important facts about the link between daily living and overall mental health, I realized how important the little actions we take are when it comes to mental health.

If you’ve ever heard the term, “You are your own worst enemy”, you have heard a saying that is surprisingly true for many of us today. It is a bit shocking how often we end up getting in our own way, potentially even sabotaging ourselves for a wide variety of psychological reasons. Getting to the heart of these behaviors is important to changing them to more positive actions and belief systems. 

If you are someone who admittedly avoids exercise, you may really be missing out on some important health benefits. Besides the fact that regular exercise can improve your physical health, exercise also releases endorphins while reducing the hormone cortisol in the body. This creates a happier mood and less stress, which are both major contributing factors to the state of your mental health. Even just taking a short fifteen minute walk around your block everyday is enough to boost your mood. 

When it comes to your attitude and outlook on life, staying positive is key. No one will deny that life can be very challenging and upsetting at times. However, your ability to roll with the punches and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of happiness, is key to improving the quality of your life. At the end of every day, take the time to write about three good things that happened. Even small things, like being first in line while checking out at the grocery store, can count. Also be sure to list a few things that you are grateful for – your stable career, your caring best friend, your physical health, etc. Like attracts like, and the more you express positivity, the more you will receive positivity into your life, I guarantee it.

Finally, when thinking about the hardships you have faced, remember that you survived each and every one of them, and that you are stronger for it. 

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