How To Spend The Hour Before Bed For Maximum Rest

When it comes to the concept of getting enough time to sleep, not to mention getting enough quality sleep, many of us have to admit that we are simply lagging in this department of our health and well being.

Sleep can be pretty elusive, and in this fast paced, hectic, technology obsessed society that we now live in, it is not exactly hard to see why so many of us end up complaining about sleep issues and problems at least on an occasional basis, if not almost all the time, unfortunately. I know that I sometimes struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night, and as a result I tend to feel groggy and not too well rested the next morning. This is why I decided to do some reading up on any advice or tips on how to improve my quality of rest, which is how I came across a very helpful and informative article post by Prevention on this very topic.

More specifically, the post that I was fortunate enough to come across discusses the best things to do in the hour before bedtime in order to truly wind down and get your body and mind prepared to go to sleep and get some much needed shut eye. Here is what I learned from the article post.

For starters, you will really want to stop eating at least an hour before bed, so that your stomach isn’t still digesting food as you drift off to sleep. This could give your heartburn or stomach cramps. This is also the time when you should do your best to turn off all electronic devices, since the blue light that comes from items such as cell phones and television screens can actually mess with the body’s natural sleep wake cycle. 

Next, start preparing for the next day so that you are not worrying about it as you try to get to sleep. Pack a lunch, prepare breakfast, make sure your bag or backpack is ready to go…basically, make your morning easier for yourself. Once this is done, take care of your hygenic needs; in addition to brushing your teeth and washing your face, you might want to take a hot bath with epsom salts in order to really relax your body and get it ready for rest. Once you do climb into bed, try reading a chapter of a good book to wind down for the night.

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