How to ‘Meal Prep’ the Right Way

You’ve made the decision to start eating healthier meals. You come up with all kinds of healthy and nutritious recipes for you to nourish your body throughout the week, excited about the positive changes that will surely be coming your way as a result. Then … the week comes and goes by in a flash, and you’ve hardly been able to implement these healthy meals into your days at all. Sound familiar?

For many people who have the best of intentions when beginning a healthier dieting plan, life can get in the way and make it a difficult habit to stick with. In between commitments to work, school, family, and friends, there seems to be no time to devote to healthy eating. This is why it’s great to learn about the art of “meal prepping” and how it can help you stay on track with a healthier diet.

Meal Prep 101

To start, take one day out of the week to be your meal prep day. For many people, Sunday is an ideal time to do this. In the morning, write out a list of all the ingredients you will need for your meals, and don’t let yourself get overcome by impulse buys. Stick to the list as you go to the store, and be sure the foods you do pick up are nutritious and preferably unprocessed. When thinking of meals for the week, keep in mind ways you can reuse the same ingredients in different dishes, or possibly making big batches of food to reheat later. 

When you get home, you can start the real work. Chop up all the vegetables you bought and store them as needed, cook large batches of grains and oats which can be reheated throughout the week, and cook your meats in a slow cooker.

Once everything that can be cooked ahead of time is done, store it properly. You may want to freeze many of your foods, such as any meats, in order to make sure they keep for later on in the week. Otherwise, most items can be kept in tupperware in the fridge until needed. 

Believe me, it’ll feel great to have all this taken care of as you head into a busy workweek, allowing you to focus on other matters knowing your body will always be getting the nutrients it needs. Try devoting your next Sunday to meal prep and see how much of a positive impact it can have on your health.

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