How to Have a Healthy Mentality When Venturing Into Parenthood

babyIf you’re a new mom or dad, chances are you were never told the possible woes of becoming a parent. Most parents tell expectant families what a joy it is to be a parent.  And while that may be so, there can also be extreme difficulties and unexpected emotions that can come with being a parent.  For a healthier perspective on some things to expect and how your body may feel, read on.

You Just Don’t Know

No new parent knows what they are doing.  They just don’t. You can’t prepare for it either.  So it may take some anxiety off of your shoulders when you come to the realization that you won’t have all of the answers.  With parenthood comes new emotions, such as guilt, resentment and loneliness, and that can be completely normal.

Your World Shifts

No one can prepare you for the transformation that comes with being a new parent.  But go in with the mindset that your life will be completely different and you just may feel like a foreigner in another country when it comes to your daily routines.  Just go with it and know that eventually you will get into the swing of some of your old habits.  You can consider your change in lifestyle as not better or worse, but just different.  If you miss those early morning runs that you used to take before you had children, consider how much energy you exert when you take your baby to the park and go on those long walks, lugging around a 20 pound carrier.

Make Time For Yourself

A lot of new moms and dads feel guilty leaving their baby with someone else to have their own time.  But this may be a must to reenergize yourself in some small way.  Don’t have any relatives willing to watch your prince or princess when you’re out taking a yoga class?  Consider hiring a babysitter if you can, and rest assured that you’re becoming a better parent by taking time for yourself.

Stronger Emotions

If you thought you were a sap already, get ready for an even bigger outpouring of emotions. You may feel vulnerable, exposed or selfish, but don’t worry, there is no way one is supposed to feel.  It’s different for everyone and the important thing is to not beat yourself up if you experience emotions that you didn’t expect.  Be kind to yourself.  Try to eat well and and treat yourself with respect.  If you’re feeding your baby organic mashed up veggies, pick some up for yourself too (maybe not the mashed kind) but nurture yourself, so that you can be the best you for your baby.


Remember to always consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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