How To Get A Great Workout In Under 15 Minutes

workoutI think it’s safe to say that one of the most daunting aspects of starting up a fitness routine for many of us, is the need to put so much time into it. For most of us, our lives are already busy and hectic enough as it is from our responsibilities to work and family members. In between preparing for big meetings and presentations at the office to buying groceries for our children, how are we supposed to squeeze in some time to head off to the nearest gym (which could be miles away) to work out for an hour a day, three to four days a week?

I’m sure this is very discouraging for many people who genuinely do want to get fit, which is why it is so crucial to spread the word about something known in the fitness community as High-Intensity Interval Training. I recently read a post by Care 2 that offers expert advice on how to use High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short) to fit in a great workout in just twelve minutes.Read on to learn more about how you can use HIIT to your advantage.

First, it’s good to know about the many wonderful benefits of a HIIT workout, and how it can benefit you. In addition to saving valuable time, HIIT has been shown to boost the metabolism, improve heart health, and burn off more fat than an average workout. The best part about this is that studies have shown that HIIT actually allows these benefits to continue for up to twenty four hours after the workout. This means that you could be burning calories in your sleep the night following a morning HIIT session. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at!

You may be wondering now how HIIT works exactly, and what you are supposed to do during a HIIT session. HIIT involves switching between light amounts of activity with quick, short bursts of very intense activity. For example, if you use a treadmill, follow this rule. Start by power walking for thirty seconds, increase your speed to a jog for twenty seconds, then run as hard as you can for ten seconds. You can repeat this pattern as often as you can safely handle it. If you warm up with stretches for a few minutes, do five sets of HIIT workouts, rest, then do five more sets, your total workout time will clock in between twelve to fifteen minutes. Do this three times a week and you should notice improved health.

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