How To Boost Your Energy When Coffee Isn’t An Option

If you were to go up to a random person on the street today and ask them how they started their day in the morning, I’m willing to bet that the chances of them saying “with a cup of coffee” are incredibly high. It’s no surprise that coffee is really ingrained in our society and in our culture, to the point where the vast majority of adults (and even some teenagers) absolutely rely on having at least one cup of coffee in the morning in order to get through each and every day.

This of course does not even take into account those people who inevitably end up having a second or third cup before the end of the day. Given the fact that so many people rely on coffee each day, it may seem strange than to come across a person who does not drink coffee. People may choose to avoid coffee for various reasons; some people just can’t stand the taste, some people may find it harder to fall asleep after even just one cup in the day, and others such as myself may find that their anxiety levels rise dramatically from the caffeine that is naturally found in coffee.

For people who can’t and don’t rely on coffee for an energy boost at any time of the day, it is important to know about other ways to get a pick me up during that afternoon slump. That is why I was so glad to come across an article post by Live Strong that offers up some great suggestions on how to improve your energy levels without the aid of coffee. Here is what I learned from the post. 

Perhaps one of the simplest things that you can do for overall improved energy is to stay hydrated all throughout the day. It is relatively easy to get dehydrated, even if it is not warm outside, and being dehydrated can often cause a severe drop in energy levels. Be sure to always keep a refillable water bottle on hand, and set a timer to go off every hour to remind yourself to take a few sips of water. 

Interestingly enough, there are also a few different spices that can work to alert the senses enough to cause a sense of wakefulness. Peppermint and cinnamon are both know to be stimulating to the body; try chewing on gum in these flavors. 

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