How Cooking With Your Child Can Aid Their Development

Children can be the light of our lives and we want them to learn as much as they can so that they will be happy and healthy. Cooking may be a great way to do that. Preschoolers even have their place in the kitchen. We can build their confidence with small tasks that we give them and help to develop their palate. Check out these awesome ways cooking can help your child.

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1. It Can Teach Them Basic Math Skills

Having your little one count eggs or fill up a measuring cup can help them to learn some basic math skills. You can count with them as you spread cookie dough into a cooking sheet. Reading a recipe with your children can introduce them to new words and articulations. You can ask your child what comes next in the recipe as well.

2. It Can Help Them Experiment With Different Foods

Children can be very picky eaters. Cooking with them can encourage them to try new foods. When your little one helps you cook, she or he may sample foods as they go. Talk about what kinds of foods they’re starting to enjoy and how healthy foods help them grow.

3. It Can Boost Confidence

Little kids love to show mom and dad what they can do and cooking with them provides opportunities to do that. If they helped put something together, praise them for their efforts. You could name a dish after them, such as “Leslie’s cupcakes,” or “Micheal’s salad.” Even if the end result isn’t perfect, let them know that their help was important.

4. Perfect Cooking Jobs For Preschoolers

Kids may have a fun time mixing pancake batter, tearing up lettuce, adding ingredients and helping you look over the cookbook. The key here is to assign them jobs that are appropriate to their skill level and doing something that they enjoy. If they love to pound bread dough, let them have at it.


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