Healthy Summer Meals That Don’t Heat Up The Kitchen

Grilling - 17 October 2008The weather just keeps getting hotter as we’re into the full swing of summer. When the weather is already hot, who wants to heat up the kitchen to make a meal? While you may sweat more during this season, many are more apt to eat processed foods and fast foods to avoid the extra heat in the house. Here are some quick and healthy meals anyone can make without turning up the AC.

Get Out the Grill: The grill is the ultimate cooking equipment for summer. However, don’t limit your grill’s job to just burgers, hot dogs, and steaks. You can cook just about anything on the grill. Try grilling fish, vegetables, kabobs, and even pizza. Use your grill more often, and grill extra meat that can be used for cold sandwiches and wraps later on.

Crock On: If you have not experienced the joys of crockpot cooking yet, you are missing out. Crockpots do not have to mean soup or chili! Instead, look up ways to make lasagna and BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with your crockpot. You will love the feeling of coming home to dinner already being made!

Healthy Snacks for Dinner: When someone mentions the word dinner, a picture of a family gathered around a large meal usually comes into mind. For the summer days, dinner does not have to be so structured. Instead, why not serve snacks and sides for the main course. You and your family can snack on fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt for a tasty and light dinner. Add a pasta salad or Greek salad to go with it. Healthy snacks can be made into filling meals with the right additions. Plus, the right snacks can help you shed a few pounds and do not take long to prepare.

Sandwiches and Wraps: Sandwiches and wraps are usually thought of as lunch food, but they can be just as nice for dinner too. In the beginning of the week, cut lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and more to make sandwich assembly effortless.

Summer cooking does not have to mean a lot of fuss or heat. The meal ideas above are very simple, but will help you save a few calories for the ice cream bar you’ve had on your mind all day.


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