Healthier Dessert Options for Valentine’s Day

yummy chocolateValentine’s Day is around the corner, and for the health conscious, anticipating chocolates and nice dinners can come with a serving of anxiety. But not to fret, there are ways to partake in delicious treats and healthy fun on this romantic holiday, while still making your health a priority.  You can enjoy this day with your loved one while still keeping your caloric intake to a minimum.  Check out these healthy sweets for your sweet:

Low Cal Chocolates

Dip yummy strawberries into a dark chocolate and don’t use so much of it.  Try Baker’s Dark Semi-Sweet Dipping Chocolate as a delicious option.  Dark chocolate is delicious and may provide some nutritional benefits as well.

Chocolate Kisses

One of the most well known chocolate brands, Hersheys, carries low calorie chocolates perfect for Valentine’s Day; they’re called Hershey’s Special Dark Pieces.  These treats are only 79 calories!

MMM White Hot Chocolate

Think of it this way, you can almost always modify a yummy drink.  Use skim milk instead of whole and be conservative with how much white chocolate mix you use.  Then add a small amount of spice to the top of your drink  and you have a guilt free beverage!

It’s All About The Pretty

Girls love beautiful things and why shouldn’t that apply to their desserts?  Give them a low calorie dessert this holiday with a beautiful pink striped design found in a Valentine’s Lace Cookie from Flour Pot Cookies.

Don’t Mind If We ‘Du

Who doesn’t like the creamy richness of fondu?  Well instead of using an immense amount of sugary chocolate, opt for dark chocolate chips and use mini marshmallows instead of enormous ones.

You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite sweet treats this February 14th if you’re trying to be healthy.  Just use these simple tweaks and have a beautiful day with your loved one.


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