Four DIY Massages for Quick Relief

MassageThere is nothing like the feeling of a great massage. However, not all of us have the time or the funds to get a massage every time a pain creeps up. So what is the average person to do? We have four do-it-yourself massage tips that will help to have you feeling better instantly. So whether you overdid your workout or are feeling extra tight from sitting in a meeting all day, these moves can help.

Massage for Your Wrists

At the end of a long day of typing, texting, and other miscellaneous office tasks, our wrists are worn out. You may even start to feel pain developing in your wrists and worry about carpal tunnel. The best way to massage your wrists and prevent carpal tunnel from taking over is to do regular wrists exercises.

Gently push the fingers of your left hand back with your right hand so that you feel a nice stretch. Hold for five seconds and then do the same to your thumb. Finally, curl your hands in a fist and rotate your wrists. Repeat on the right hand. Try to do this every hour while working to prevent pain.

Massage for Your Feet

This massage can and should be done anywhere at anytime you feel your feet are sore. Simply take your shoes off and roll your feet on a tennis ball, or soup can. You can use a frozen water bottle to give your feet some relief too.

Massage for Your Shoulders and Back

If you are feeling tension in your back and shoulders, lie on the ground on top of a tennis ball. Roll your back on the tennis ball until you find the tender spot. Allow the ball to massage the area gently or just lie on the tennis ball for a few minutes until your muscles relax.

Massage for Your Lower Back and Hips

Sit on an exercise ball and gently rock your hips back and forth on it allowing them to stretch and release the painful tension. You can also use the exercise ball and lay face up on it, allowing your lower back to get a good stretch and gentle massage.

Every day tasks can bring a whole lot of pain. These four massage tips and stretches will help to bring immediate relief without the hassle of scheduling an appointment with your masseuse.  

Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for the most appropriate form of massage to meet your needs.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Massage by gaelx. Used under Creative Commons license.

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