Fight Junk Food Cravings With Healthy Food

If you’ve ever found yourself being inexplicably pulled by an incredibly strong desire to add a box of cookies or chips into your shopping cart while out at the grocery store, don’t be too surprised, necessarily. Junk food cravings are incredibly common in today’s day and age, sadly. Even though most of us know that junkfood, or foods that are loaded with sugar, fat, and salt, is incredibly bad for our health and tends to contain absolutely no nutritious value at all, we still find ourselves craving these foods, often times more so than healthy foods.

This is actually a learned behavior that has developed in our brains as we become exposed to processed junk food early in our lives. Since our brains are hard wired to crave sugar, fat, and salt, one little bite of a snack that contains any of these is enough to light the pleasure centers of our brain virtually on fire. A diet rich in junk food tends to more often than not cause significant weight gain, in addition to making the desire to eat healthy less strong in the mind. This can seem pretty discouraging to any of us who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle by eating right and cleaning up our diets. Fortunately, an article by Women’s Health Magazine offers us some hope on this matter.

There are certain nutrients found only in healthy and all natural foods that can improve your health by increasing your desire to take in foods that are better for you while also crushing junk food cravings in your brain. For example, you’ll want to start noshing on more watermelon, spinach, salmon, and chocolate (yes, really!) to get a nutrient known as phenylalanine. This nutrient is incredibly beneficial for maintaining the health of the brain. Without it, you may feel confused and constantly tired, and may even suffer from certain symptoms of depression.

Another nutrient you’ll want to pack into your diet is Vitamin B6. All B-vitamins are incredibly important for keeping up the health of your body, but vitamin B6 is crucial for regulating the cravings of your brain. Stock up on everything from hazelnuts and cantaloupe to red bell peppers and garlic in order to get enough of this nutrient. You may also be able to take a supplement of vitamin B6, or even a garlic supplement every day, in order to get these benefits.

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