Effective Tips For Coming Back To Exercise After A Break

Even the most dedicated among us, sometimes find themselves sidelined from working out for a variety of reasons. When you’ve been away from the gym for awhile, your body begins to show it. Heavy bags become harder to lift, and long staircases wear you out more than they used to. When getting back into the routine of exercising again, it’s important to have a strategy in place that lets you gradually ease back into the swing of things. Here are three common reasons why we need to take a break from working out, and tips on how to get back into the routines we had set in place before we left. 

You’re A New Mother

First of all, congratulations! Second of all, remember that intense exercise is generally off limits during the first six weeksafter birth. Now, once those six weeks are up, and you’re ready to hit the gym again, there are some adjustments you need to make now that you have a young baby to take care of. Going for a walk with your baby in the stroller is a great and very common method of getting exercise for new mothers. You’ll be slowly working your way back into the exercise groove, and you and your baby will be able to get a healthy amount of vitamin D from the outdoor sunshine. 

You’ve Picked Up More Hours At Work

If you’ve recently been promoted, or are trying to get promoted, you may find yourself working 10 or even 12 hours a day. Needless to say, this leaves little time to squeeze in a workout session. In this case, it’s best to move your workouts to early in the morning, before your day gets hectic with plans and commitments. If you’re having trouble waking up earlier than usual, try to gradually retrain your body by setting your alarm clock back five or 10 minutes each morning, until you reach your goal time.

You Got Injured

When your doctor gives you permission to get back to working out, be sure to scale back your fitness routine by at least fifty percent for the first two weeks. Lower the amount of weight you used to lift, and reduce the amount of time you spent on the treadmill, so you can slowly ease back into things. If you’re feeling nervous getting back to strenuous exercise after a big injury, just remember that you can trust your doctor when they give you the all clear signal to work out.

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