Easy Five Minute Exercises That Burn Calories

jump ropeAre you someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to workout?  Well there are some easy five minute exercises that you can do at home or on your work break.  These exercises require no equipment and you can do them almost anywhere.  Browse through the following activities and see if you can pick one up the next time you have five minutes to spare.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope can be extremely effective in burning calories and getting the heart pumping.  To burn fat, jump the rope as fast as you can for five minutes.  You can lose about 68 calories by doing this.


I love to do walking lunges.  I’ll walk around my house for five minutes during commercial breaks or in the morning before work and feel great after.  This can burn approximately 45 calories.


You can run around your neighborhood for five minutes for a workout that gets you outside.  There’s the bonus of getting fresh air while you burn calories.  This can burn about 62 calories.


Vacuum a room in your home for five minutes for a great multi-tasking exercise! You can burn about 20 calories.

Use the Stairs

I find a good way to burn calories is to walk up and down the stairs.  Doing this for five minutes is all it takes to burn calories and break a sweat.  I like to listen to music when I do this for added motivation.  This can burn about 36 calories.


Clean your kitchen or bathroom as fast as you can for five minutes.  This can burn about 23 calories and gets the mess out of the way.

Consider doing some of these activities the next time you have five minutes to spare.  They are easy and effective and your body will thank you later.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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