Could Getting A Good Workout Be Up To Your Mind?

When was the last time your exercise class had music that pumped you up, making you want to really exercise and exert yourself? Keeping this memory in your head can be a fantastic way to motivate yourself to exercise in the future, a new small study suggests.


Researchers from the University of New Hampshire found that when study subjects were asked to think up positive memories about working out, they had greater amounts of exercise compared to those who couldn’t recall exercise memories at all.

The study has been published in the journal called Memory and comes from testimony from approximately 150 students. In the study, the participants were broken apart into three groups. One group was asked to think of something positive that could raise their exercise motivation, another group was asked to consider a negative thing that happened that would be likely to raise their motivation to exercise and the final group was not asked to recall any specific memories of their exercises. Then, each student was asked to rate their future desire to exercise.

After eight days had passed, the students filled out a survey writing down how much they had exercised the week before. Researchers found that people who remembered their positive memories were more likely to exercise than those who weren’t asked to recall any exercise memories at all. Those who recalled negative memories also ended up exercising more than those who weren’t asked to recall any exercise memories. Interesting, right? Lastly, those who had negative memories exercised less than the study participants asked to recall positive memories.

Exercise isn’t the only thing you can utilize to improve your workout motivation. Other studies have shown that having a workout buddy and financial incentives can also help.


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