Could A Candy Bar Keep You From Fighting With Your Spouse?

A new study is showing that eating a simple candy bar may be able to stave off fights with your spouse. This is because when people have low blood sugar, they are much more apt to get into fights, lose control and be agitated. Check out the following interesting study for all of the crazy details. Getting along with your spouse can increase overall feelings of good health and wellness. It can decrease stress and improve immunity.


The Study

107 married couples were studied for three weeks. Every night, researchers tested their blood sugar glucose levels and asked them to stick pins into voodoo dolls signifying their spouse, whenever they felt aggression toward them. You read that right – voodoo dolls! But the study sure is telling.

What Happened In The Study?

It was found that the lower the participants blood sugar levels, the more pins they would put into the dolls. And get this – people with the lowest blood sugar levels put twice as many pins into their dolls than participants with highest blood sugar levels. Crazy, right? The people with the lowest blood sugar levels were not generally angry at each other. 70 percent of the time no pins were put into their dolls. The researchers said that having a candy bar before taking about a touchy subject is a good idea, but fruits and veggies are better to balance out blood sugar levels in the long run.

What Did Outside Researchers Think?

Some researchers said that the study was flawed and should have given people high glucose on some occasions and low on others to see if that makes a difference in their anger. While other researchers thought that there was a reasonable reason to believe that the study was accurate.

So the next time you’re going to talk to your partner about something important, make sure to have food on hand so that you can help to control your emotions and show more self-control.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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