Chiropractic Care Better for the Long Run In Lone Tree

When pain strikes, most people are in a hurry to get rid of it. This is completely normal since pain can ruin your personal life and work life. However, back pain sufferers should not run to pain medication as their first source of pain relief.

What Medication Does for Back Pain?

There has never been a medication that can heal back pain. Why? Because medication cannot get to the source of the problem. Instead, medicine only masks the pain. It is a quick solution that seems ideal at first. However, in the long run, medicine stops working as well as it did initially or patients find that there are many negative side effects to taking regular medication. Let’s not forget the regular costs of keeping a prescription and regular doctor visits.

Taking pain medicine for back pain is very similar to putting a band aid on a gaping wound. The gushing wound needs to be cleaned and sewn to properly heal, and similarly, back pain needs to be addressed at the root of the problem so that it can heal.

Why Chiropractic Care Is Better?

Chiropractic care takes on a whole person approach. For example, if you were to visit your doctor for constant headaches, they might give you a prescription or want to search deeper into the problem with an MRI. When a person visits a chiropractor with headaches, the chiropractor will assess the alignment of the spine, as well as the hips. Majority of the time, the headache is caused by a misaligned spine more than anything else.

A chiropractor seeks long-term results through regular manual adjustments. These adjustments allow the spine to be in the right place and to function optimally. When the spine is functioning optimally, patients will experience many benefits and less pain. More importantly, the body begins to heal and recover when the spine is healthy again.

Chiropractic care keeps the back healthy for the long run because it keeps your back and spine flexible and helps reduce unneeded stress on the body. Regular chiropractic adjustments, combined with a healthy lifestyle, are the best ways to prevent and heal back pain for good.

The Joint offers the long-term solution you need for a healthy spine. You may come to us initially to get rid of your back pain, but we know you will stay with us because the benefits of a healthy spine are priceless.


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