Caught A Cold? Stay Away From These Foods!

Getting sick is the worst, but it does happen to even the best of us. Since it’s such a common health issue, we’re all pretty aware of the things we can do to help get over a cold faster. For instance, taking in plenty of fluids, getting lots of rest, and sipping hot tea or broth are a few common methods we can turn to for faster recovery time and relief from some of the worst symptoms of a cold.

It’s also important to know what you shouldn’t be doing while getting over a cold in order to improve your health as well. Your diet can be influential in determining how quickly you can bounce back from a cold or sickness.

If you tend not to work up much of an appetite when you’re sick, you may not need to worry as much, but in general, you should remember to avoid foods that cause inflammation, such as these.

Sugary Foods And Snacks

Too much sugar is never really good for a person, but when you’re sick, you really want to avoid the negative effects it can bring to your body. The inflammation caused by sugar will only make your muscles ache more and your head feel more stuffed up. When it comes to sweet foods, adding honey to your meals is a great alternative, since it contains antioxidants and can soothe the throat from irritation.

Greasy or Fried Food

Strangely enough, sometimes the body really craves these kinds of foods as it’s recovering from a cold. Don’t give in to its wishes though, since foods like these which are highly acidic to the body will only weigh your body down and increase inflammation. You know greasy food is best in moderation even when you’re completely healthy, so why take the risk when you aren’t feeling well?


I remember begging my mom for a milkshake one time when I was sick as a kid. She called a nurse for some advice and was told to absolutely keep dairy away from me (this was after she had already gotten me the milkshake. Live and learn, right?). It turns out dairy can increase production of phlegm and mucus in the body, which does you no favors.

It’s tough enough battling through a cold; don’t make it tougher on yourself. Be sure to watch what you eat so that you’re not sabotaging your recovery effort. 

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