Can You Really Consume These Foods in Place of Traditional Medicine?

Whenever you feel that something is not quite right with your health, whether it be a cough, a stomach ache, or any other mild yet uncomfortable symptom of a health issue, your first instinct is probably to go visit your healthcare provider in order to get a prescription for certain medications and pills to take religiously until your symptoms get better and go away. You may even skip the step of visiting your doctor and just head on over to the nearest pharmacy for a treatment that may or may not be right to treat the condition you are dealing with.

You are probably aware that many modern medications come with potentially dangerous side effects and may interact with other drugs you may be taking, which makes these methods a little concerning and possibly even unsafe. Fortunately, as I learned from an article by CBS 6, more and more healthcare providers are turning towards the method of “prescribing” foods and natural treatments for their patients. Of course, you should always check in with your doctor before starting up any new treatment, and your doctor will be able to help you determine whether your health issues can be cleared up with natural methods, or if you need different treatment. Once you get the all-clear from your doctor, here are some foods you can use to improve whatever may be ailing you.

One of the most annoying health issues to deal with has got to be a cough, so it is reassuring to know that buckwheat honey into the diet can be as effective as cough syrup in its treatment capabilities. This particular type of honey is made from bee nectar that was taken from buckwheat grain, and is often recommended as an alternative to cough syrup for young children, but you should feel free to use it as well!

If you’ve got some pretty bad stomach cramps, whether it’s due to stress, indigestion, or your period, you can always turn to fresh ginger or peppermint to soothe the pain. Ginger and peppermint candies,as well as fresh ginger and peppermint tea, can both work to stop muscle spasms in the intestinal tract that can lead to pain and nausea. 

If arthritis pain is what is bothering you, you may want to consider adding more turmeric into your favorite meals. That’s because turmeric contains curcumin, which has been known to reduce inflammation in the joints of the body and therefore improve pain in arthritis patients. 

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