Can Skipping Breakfast Hurt Your Heart?

Breakfast Eggs_021For years science has been telling people not to skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain and less energy. However, there is a new study that adds to the scary side effects of not pausing in the morning for some nourishment. Out of 27,000 men studied, those that did not eat breakfast had a 27 percent risk of heart attack or death from coronary health issues.

Those who skipped breakfast were more likely to eat an extra meal in the day and smoke or drink. So whether or not all these factors are related is still up for discussion. However, the experts believe that eating a healthy breakfast each morning will lower the heart attack risk significantly.

While this study was done with men, everyone can benefit from eating a heart-healthy meal before starting their day. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you have breakfast, even when you are too busy:

  • Bulk Cook Breakfast Burritos: It does not take an experienced chef to make a breakfast burrito. Just simply cook a dozen scrambled eggs at a time, while also cooking some chopped bellpeppers or other vegetable. Warm six tortillas up so they bend easily. Then simply place eggs, vegetables, and a sprinkle of cheese in the burrito and roll up in a paper towel and then cover it in plastic wrap. One dozen eggs should make six good-sized breakfast burritos that can easily be put in the freezer. On busy mornings, just grab a burrito from the freezer, unwrap it from the plastic wrap, and stick it in the microwave while still wrapped in the paper towel. Garnish with salsa and/or sour cream. This same idea can be done with breakfast sandwiches too.
  • Soaked Oatmeal: Another quick breakfast idea is to take one cup of rolled oats and soak them in milk overnight. In the morning, eat them cold or warm them up for a few seconds. Add your desired toppings for a healthy start of the day.
  • Protein Shakes: Another great breakfast idea to try if you are short on time is to prep a protein shake the night before in a shaker cup. Combine the protein powder with your desired liquid the night before and place it in the fridge. In the morning, shake it up once more and drink. With a breakfast that fast, there is no excuse not to eat before work or class.
  • Keep Healthy Choices in Your Car and at Work: If you really cannot grab something healthy before you head to work or school, then stock your car with healthy granola bars, nut packs, and bottled water. If you work in an office that has a fridge, keep several yogurts in there. You can also keep instant oatmeal packets at your desk. There really is no excuse not to be eating breakfast, even if you are short on time.

Follow the golden health rule of eating breakfast daily to cut your risk of heart attacks. Enjoying a meal first thing in the morning will also help reduce belly fat and keep you sharp and productive as you head off to work.


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