Boost Your Energy Without the Need for Caffeine

I have to admit that I always love learning about new ways to boost my energy without the help of caffeine. Perhaps ironically enough, getting this kind of knowledge excites me so much that it usually ends up giving me a nice boost of energy all on its own.

The thing is, I can handle the caffeine content that comes in green or black tea, but unfortunately it just isn’t enough to really get me going in the morning. I do drink coffee occasionally, but it usually just ends up making me feel anxious, tense, and jittery within the first hour of drinking it. Whatever energy boost I may or may not get from the drink, tends to fade quickly as I become exhausted from all the jitters I end up experiencing.

It should come as no surprise then that I was very excited and relieved to come across a post by Care 2 that offers up some great, completely natural ways to increase your energy without the aid of caffeine and its many potential side effects. Here are some of my favorite suggestions that I will be sure to try out the next time I’m feeling that afternoon tiredness seep in.

Once again, the importance of staying hydrated makes its way into another health issue. Being dehydrated can make you feel pretty tired – not to mention it can also make you feel hungry and irritable as well. Before you pour a second or third cup of coffee, try simply drinking a full glass of water. You may find yourself more energized than you could have expected. This is why you should always carry a BPA free plastic bottle around with you.

What are some other great tips for keeping the energy up? Chew some gum! Yes, the simple act of chewing gum can actually work to increase your alertness and perk you up. This trick also works great to improve concentration, so try chewing on a piece if you are having trouble focusing on a project or paper that needs to be written. Interestingly enough, I also learned from this post that eating sweet potato while tired can actually do wonders to improve a person’s energy levels. The complex carbs of this food, combined with its fiber content, will stabilize your blood sugar and will give you a natural taste of sweetness that is much better for your body than cookies or candy will.

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