Boost Your Brain Power Before Bed in Five Easy Steps

24K: Brain PowerWhen it comes to boosting our brain power, we unknowingly do so many things that might affect our brains adversely. Scientists have found that the capacity of the brain and intelligence is not fixed and can grow indefinitely with training, learning, experimentation and practice. The thinking and mindset of a person affects the brain functioning. Everyone could use a little more brain power, so why not try these five tips before you hit the pillow. 

Challenge Your Brain: Your brain and its capacity improve when new neural pathways are formed. They happen when you try your hands at something new and challenging. Learn a new language, read a difficult book, start a new enterprise or undertaking, take a new route to your workplace, try a new game, puzzle, or crossword, etc. Before bed, try working a crossword puzzle instead of playing Sugar Rush or another type of game online.

Proper Sleep: Sleep is one of the most important things that your mind, body and brain needs. Sleep helps in consolidating memory. When you read or learn something, it is stored in your short-term memory. When you are sleeping, it is transferred into your long-term memory which will help you in recalling the thing better. In order to get proper sleep, make sure the temperature of your bedroom is optimal. Take a bath before you sleep to ease your muscles and relieve stress. Switch off all electronic gadgets 1-2 hours before sleeping. Make sure there is no disturbance in the room.

The Right Supplements: Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are essential for brain functioning and brain health. Take an omega-3 supplement of fish oil before bed, as well as a multivitamin to wake up with more energy.

Repetition and Visualization: Repetition is said to improve retention and boost the functioning of the brain. Visualizing something and blowing it out of proportions can help the image to get stuck in your brain. Imagination and contemplation are other tools that can be used. When you think and analyze something, your brain learns how to make connections. That in turn helps in increasing the capacity. Try visualizing what you want to get done the next day to increase productivity, or even visualize that vacation you want to take to reduce stress.

Reading: Reading helps in keeping your brain curious, intrigued and functioning properly. Unlike passive activities like watching TV, reading helps you in making associations, assimilating the information presented and in understanding the things explained. This tickles the brain and helps in improving your knowledge database.

Many people misuse their bedtime for a last attempt to catch up on social media. Try the above tips to increase your brain power. It could help you wake up in a better and more productive mood.


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