6 Nifty Ways To Gain Confidence In Seconds

Some of us lack confidence, especially us women. And while we all live busy lives, there are times here and there when we can make changes to feel more self-assured and confident. It’s important to know that we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and with these little tips, we can move ourselves closer to becoming self-assured beings. 

1. Sit Straight

Sitting up straight can raise your confidence in seconds, plus it’s better for your spine. If you work at a desk job, be conscious of the way you’re sitting. Many of us have a habit of slouching when we’re working but changing this can help our body alignment and our mindset. If you feel like you have already done harm to your spine by how you’ve been sitting, it never hurts to visit your local chiropractor to be properly aligned. 

2. Wear Perfume

Research has found that women who wear perfume in social situations, romantic settings and business environments are more self-assured and confident. So browse through your favorite scents at your favorite beauty store and choose one that makes you feel good.

3. Nod Your Head

Studies have shown that when you nod along when other people are talking, you’re more likely to believe what you’re thinking. Nodding can also make you seem more involved in conversation and people react well to that.

4. Be Flirtatious

Laura Kray, PhD, social psychologist, says that laughter, smiling and physical contact, such as a touch on the arm when negotiating can help you feel more confident. It reminds you that you aren’t just a robot haggling over price, but rather two human beings that are trying to reach an understanding.

5. Strike A Powerful Pose

Believe it or not, standing straight up for two minutes and striking a powerful pose (like Superman’s), can help you to feel 40 percent more authoritative than sitting down with your arms crossed.


6. Focus On Your Breath

Studies have shown that people who practice mindfulness mediation are more self-accepting. Focusing on something as simple as your breath could just leave you feeling invincible when it comes to tackling more challenging subjects. 



Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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