5 Soothing Tips For You To Sleep Better

What do you do when you’re laying in bed and just can’t sleep? This happened to me a few days ago. I popped in a relaxation CD and it truly helped. I am someone who loves TV so at first I was tempted to watch some, but it just keeps me up. And I realized that taking care of my mind and body is just as great as watching my favorite TV show. So what are you going to do? Check out these great tips.


1. Give Yourself Time To Unwind

It helps me to drink some herbal tea a couple of hours before bedtime. The water hydrates you and the herbal tea bag has a relaxing effect on your body. Did you know that when you’re preparing for bedtime, it’s best to do so an hour before you hit the hay and not in your bedroom? You can read, journal, or do some yoga. Avoid watching TV or anything with a bright screen because it can trick your brain into believing that it’s time to be up.

2. Stop Worrying

It is counterproductive to worry as you lie awake in bed. And get this – when you constantly worry in bed you send a message to your brain that your bed is a great place to be actively worrying. If you can’t stop thinking, get up out of bed and do techniques that relax you and won’t teach you that it’s okay to worry in bed. Go in the next room and do some writing, finish reading that chapter in your book or do some light stretching. And don’t wait longer than 20 minutes to do this. Be sure not to look at your clock either because that worsens the worry.

3. Make Sure The Temperature Is Comfortable

Make sure the temperature in your room is comfortable and not too hot because if it is, it can make it difficult for you to sleep. Most people sleep the best at temperatures of 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. If you sleep with a down comforter, you may want to switch to something lighter and not as warm if you find that you’re feeling too toasty at night. You may benefit from keeping a fan in your room if your air is out or you’re trying to save money.


4. Stop Texting

Texting when you’re in bed can wake you up because you have to have a conversation with another person. It makes the wheels spin in your brain, you have to comprehend information and then send back a coherent response. Plus, the light from your phone’s screen can wake you up. So just stop the texting about an hour before you hit the hay. It’s a good idea to stop using all electronics about an hour before bedtime too.

5. Focus On Mental Imagery

This tactic is my best friend when it comes to drifting off. I think of doing a repetitive action in my mind, like brushing my hair. After doing this for about a minute, I’m out like a light.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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