4 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy & Stress-Free Holiday Season

Sledding 2008Here comes the holiday season again. And while there sure are a lot of things to look forward to, like family get-togethers, delicious meals, festive shopping and all around good cheer, the holiday season can make some people feel a little nervous. Every year becomes the battle of the bulge. Millions of Americans are wondering right now, how can you enjoy yourself during the holidays without going overboard and without completely stressing out? Well here are some tips to help you breeze through the holiday and make sure that this year your New Year’s Resolution has nothing to do with you having to lose that holiday weight.

  1. Assign Your Own Meaning to the Holidays: While traditional celebrations include a lot of not-so-healthy foods eaten in incredibly large amounts, you might want to rethink what the holiday is about for you. Instead of focusing on the food or other unhealthy holiday habits, focus on what’s important to you. Perhaps concentrate on spending time with people you truly love or volunteer and give back to your community. These activities will help to increase your heart, not your stomach.
  2. Make Plans: When you’re in the driver’s seat, you’re more ready and able to stick to your healthy lifestyle. Plan events with friends and family that are more active and don’t include calories. Some great ideas are ice skating, hayrides, holiday shows or sledding parties. Not only will you avoid temptation, but your invitation might just make someone else’s holiday even more special.
  3. Control Your Body and Brain Chemistry: Unfortunately, many of the foods that have become most popular during the holiday season not only lead to weight gain, but they also cause an energy and mood rollercoaster that leaves you exhausted and cranky. That’s no way to celebrate this festive time.  Avoid or at least limit processed foods, white breads, sweets and alcohol. You can still indulge a bit because the surest way to damper the party is to feel deprived, but to counter the negative effects of these foods drink plenty of water, consider upping your intake of vitamins or supplements, stay active and, when you’re not at a holiday meal, stick to a clean, healthy diet full of veggies.
  4. Have Fun: If you’re not careful, the holidays can revolve more around obligations and stress than celebration. So, go back to the basics. Go simple. Take measures to decrease stress like working in a massage, limiting your holiday shopping and delegating responsibilities like cooking. Most of all, remember to have fun. Plan fun activities with the family that will allow you to concentrate on the good relationships you have around you, instead of sticking you in the kitchen all evening long.


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