4 Things You’re Doing Wrong At The Gym

You’ve finally managed to muster up the motivation needed to join a gym and be active on a regular basis. So, give yourself a pat on the back if you fall into this category, as many of those that made resolutions just a few weeks ago, have already given up hope.

Any physical activity is better than no physical activity, but sometimes your current workout routine isn’t as beneficial to your health as it can be. Here are four common mistakes many of us make at the gym, and how we can fix them to create a more efficient workout routine.

Too Much Cardio

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. Cardio exercise is extremely important in maintaining a healthy heart, and it serves to lower levels of stress in the body while inducing deeper and longer sleep each night. However, overdoing cardio workouts usually means you’re not getting enough strength training into your fitness routine, and variety in exercise is important not only for your physical wellness, but for keeping your interest and motivation up as well. Be sure to do some crunches or pushups in addition to your time on the treadmill.

Breezing Through Your Fitness Routine

Once again, any physical activity is better than not moving at all, but if you’re not pushing yourself at least a little bit during your workouts, you’ll remain stagnant and you won’t find yourself losing any more weight or gaining any more lean muscle mass, even though you’ll still technically be fit and in shape to a degree. Try to add some high-intensity exercises into your routine; they’ll kick your butt and get your heart pumping, which will really signal healthy changes and growth in your body.

Believing Crunches Will Dissolve Belly Fat

No matter how many crunches you do in a day or week, sit-ups ultimately only strengthen one specific and small set of muscles in your abdominal region, and won’t be the major factor in shedding a few pounds. When it comes right down to it, crunches are helpful for sure, but eliminating unhealthy foods in your diet and replacing them with meals high in protein and fiber content will really be what aids you in losing weight, since the right diet will successfully stabilize your insulin levels. 

Using Sports Drinks To Re-Hydrate

You probably know that you lose a lot of electrolytes during a workout through your sweat, and that replenishing those electrolytes is super important after your workout. Just be sure not to rely on sugar-laden, calorie-heavy sports drinks as a source of hydration, since these will only contribute to weight gain and undo the work you’ve achieved. Water is the best choice; coconut water, which is naturally full of electrolytes, is good too, as are protein and whey powder shakes.

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