3 Smart Ways To Make Your Job Even Better

Work can be difficult at times. Even those of us who enjoy our jobs experience burnout and exhaustion and would rather not be at work. But luckily there are helpful tips and tactics we can use to make our jobs more enjoyable, which can translate into an even happier life. Check out these expert ways to make work better:


1. Become A Mentor

Becoming a mentor can do wonders to take our minds off of our own problems, while helping somebody else and sharpening our skills. Try this at work: take someone under your wing and help them to gain confidence in their job performance and help to make their job easier. Studies show that spending time on others increases our overall happiness as well.

2. Cut Down Your Commute

Did you know that daily commutes are ranked as people’s least favorite thing to do? (Even scoring lower than housecleaning!) According to research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Economics, employees who drive 22 minutes each way would need to earn 35 percent more monthly income to be as happy with their lives as people who don’t commute. Crazy, right? Biking or riding your bike to work can make us happier as these studies refer to people who drive to work. Besides, biking or walking keeps you in shape and gets your blood pumping so that you’re more alert and in a better mood once you get to work. It can also kick start your metabolism in the morning so that you burn more calories throughout the day.

3. Don’t Miss Social Hour

Although it can be incredibly tempting to leave work right at five, studies show that sticking around to spend time with coworkers, perhaps for happy hour, can greatly improve our happiness. The happiest people tend to spend an average of seven hours a day socializing with friends and family. Even sending emails back and forth about what’s going on in your lives can suffice, as can talking around the water cooler.


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