13th Annual FASB Fitness Festival

First Sit-UpOn September 7th, the 13th annual First American State Bank Fitness Festival will take place at Crescent Park, DTC Boulevard and Belleview in the Denver Tech Center. The event will go on from 7:30am to noon and will be held to benefit the Community Asset Project.

The Community Asset Project (CAP) is an organization that provides necessary tools and resources to help kids become healthy, functional and compassionate adults. The services that CAP offers serve as a deterrent against negative behaviors like drug abuse, acts of violence and other crimes. CAP is one of the most prominent focuses of Cherry Creek School District and it benefits more than 53,000 families.

The Festival will include a 5K Run/Walk, a 1K Fitness Run/Walk and a great after-party to celebrate. This charitable occasion helps combat the childhood obesity epidemic by encouraging kids and families to become healthier by incorporating fitness into their daily lives.

The Festival will also hold a silent auction and offer live music, food samplings from local restaurants, children’s entertainment and more.  

Childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in the past 30 years. This condition puts kids at risk for heart disease, diabetes, bone and joint problems and sleep apnea as well as psychological and social issues.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are three major ways that we as a nation can help to prevent and lower the rate of childhood obesity:

  1. Healthy eating and regular physical activity
  2. Support from family, community, government and media/marketing
  3. School programs that establish a safe environment for healthy behavior and opportunities to learn about and practice healthy habits.

The First American State Bank Fitness Festival is a happy meeting of all three efforts – healthy lifestyle with school, family and community support.  The Festival’s website says that the money raised by the First American State Bank Fitness Festival allows CAP to fund a number of social-emotional learning programs within Cherry Creek’s 60 schools. Race registration is open until September 4th. Visit the Festival’s website to learn more.


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